What is HackMyBible?

The verb hack has several meanings, it is understood here as “finding a creative answer to a problem or limitation”. To hack something, in this context, therefore means intelligently and skillfully designing a solution. We seek through HackMyBible to overcome constraints that might prevent us from discovering a better understanding of the biblical text.

HackMyBible draws inspiration from hackathons that bring together coders and developers over a short period of time to create and innovate new digital prototypes. HackMyBible creates an environment for digital innovation to flourish. However, innovation at the service of the Bible is not limited to these areas. This is why the organisers hope to see a wide variety of projects developed.

How does HackMyBible work?

Participants profiles

For this creative and collaborative weekend to be a success we need to gather various profiles. Anyone can make a difference.


Weekend schedule

On Friday evening, after a time of collaborative brainstorming, 8 teams are formed around different ideas. They will work all weekend to develop a new project  that they will present on Sunday, and pitch to a jury, where by one will be the winner of the event.

The genesis of HackMyBible

Examples of projects

Creation of a new innovative project about Bible? We look forward to seeing what teams can produce in a weekend!

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